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Study: Mainframes Critical to Data Center, Cloud Strategy

A study from CA Technologies finds that mainframes are still alive and well in the data center and will be an important part of companies' cloud strategies. Read More >

Virtualization, Cloud Computing Growing in Enterprise

While a majority of companies are implementing these new technologies, many lack the right tools to troubleshoot and manage performance. Read More >

Mobility, Cloud Anchor AT+T Health Care Venture

AT&T's new ForHealth practice will combine existing health care projects with future services in mobility and in the cloud. Read More >

Enterprise Technology Slideshow: Microsoft Office 365: Deciphering Pricing, Service Options

Microsoft Office 365, the follow-up to the company's Business Productivity Online Suite, is now available for beta testing. A full commercial launch is expected in 2011. With this release,... Read More >

Microsoft Office 365 on a Cloud Platform

Microsoft introduced Office 365, which combines Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync Online on a unified cloud platform. Read More >

Microsoft Without Ray Ozzie: News Analysis

What has Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's departing chief software architect, accomplished and where is the company headed in his wake? Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Adopting the Cloud: A Year of Trial and Error Ahead

Cloud computing appears poised to further increase its profile among enterprise users over the next year, according to a survey conducted by CompTIA, www.CompTIA.org which is a member association for IT vendors and solution providers. CIOs and other tech decision-makers are interested in expanding their use of the cloud, and IT vendors/solution providers... Read More >

IT Budgets, Salaries Rising

Funding for IT budgets - including allocations for salary increases - will go up next year, but cost cutting is still a major concern. Business intelligence - despite its expense and effort - continues to be a No. 1 technology investment priority in 2010. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Why Your CEO, CFO are Losing Sleep

CEOs and CFOs are most concerned about the impact of increasing taxes, regulation and legislation on your organization's revenues, according to a recent survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers. The upshot: CIOs will need to align their own IT spending/oversight plans with the cautious perspectives of their CEOs and CFOs. Experts have declared that the recession "officially" ended last year, but the... Read More >

Salesforce.com Chatter Updates

Salesforce.com unveils Chatter 2, the next version of its Facebook-like Chatter collaboration platform, with additional features such as filters and hashtags. Read More >

Research Slideshow: CIOs Harbor High Expectations for Cloud Computing

CIOs and other top IT managers are more interested than ever in cloud-computing solutions for their enterprise needs, according to a new survey from Savvis. That is because many of them would like to get out of the business of managing their IT infrastructure and are looking to the cloud for outsourcing. But this does not mean that the cloud is getting a "free pass" from senior tech managers.... Read More >

Cloud Engineering: The CIO's Dilemma

Gartner defines cloud engineering as the process of designing the systems necessary to leverage the power and economics of cloud resources to solve business problems. You can bring this skill set in-house, but there may be other options that prove more cost-effective for your organization. Read More >

Trends Slideshow: 9 Reasons Smartphones Will Take Over Business Computing

In her first post as Editor In Chief of CIO Insight, Susan Nunziata made no bones about her bullishness for the future of mobile computing in the enterprise. We'll go one step further here, skipping right over laptops and tablets, and offer you a future where smartphones are the... Read More >

Cloud Computing Rights and Responsibilities

Although their tone reminds us vaguely of the U.S. Miranda warning, the spirit of these cloud services rights and responsibilities outlined by the Gartner Global IT Council for Cloud Services serve as a best-practices guideline for enterprises looking to deploy cloud-based solutions. The Council, which consists of CIOs of large enterprises that consume cloud services and Gartner analysts, has... Read More >

An Old Enemy Resurfaces, Windows 8 Leaks, Kin's Demise

It hasn't been a great week for Microsoft. Salesforce.com has an old enemy heading their patent-infringement lawsuit against Redmond, Windows 8 rumors abound and the Kin is no more. Read More >

The Cloud Debate: Public Versus Private

What does the legal battle between Salesforce.com and Microsoft really mean for the future of cloud computing? Read More >

Cutting Through Cloud Computing Clutter

Most of the vendor noise surrounding the cloud centers on needless religious wars. Read More >

Salesforce.com's Chatter: More Than a Social Collaboration Platform

Salesforce.com wants to take its new Chatter social collaboration platform that it officially released on June 22 far beyond the realm of the corporate sales and marketing department and put it in the hands of every business user with a need to collaborate. Read More >

Gartner Says Companies Taking Bad IT Habits into Cloud

Software-as-a-service applications will remain a focus of the enterprise for some time to come, according to a new research note from analysis firm Gartner. However, along with that adoption, a number of companies have started engaging in the same "bad practices" with the cloud that marked their use of on-premises software, particularly with regard to shelfware. Read More >

Trends Slideshow: Top Risk Factors for IT Companies

It's an uncertain business environment at best, and your vendors and partners -- not mention your employer -- must navigate a host of dangers. BDO's RiskFactor report looks at threats and challenges facing technology companies. How well will the companies that matter most to you fare in his climate, and what can you do to make sure things turn out in your best interest? Read More >

An Enterprise Approach to Software As A Service

Software as a Service offers potential for rapid application development and deployment, but there are enterprise software and security needs that must be taken into account before embarking on a service oriented enterprise architecture. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Managing Lean IT

CIOs interested in leaner operations -- and that's pretty much everyone these days -- can learn from decades-old concepts that worked for Toyota, according to Informatica's John Schmidt and David Lyle. Find out how with these guidelines from their book, Lean Integration, and Schmidt's Informatica blog. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Tips for Managing Web 2.0 Projects

IT executives are getting tons of pressure to ignite their companies' Web 2.0 presence. It's no easy task, according to Camden Consulting's Kris Girrell.

This tip sheet, from her recent article, Web 2.0: Leading the Brave New World, gives leaders the advice they need to navigate the new Web frontier. Read More >

Careers Slideshow: IT Careers: 13 Most Important IT Roles

The age of IT specialization is dead, replaced by an emphasis on skills that can translate across the enterprise. That's one of the chief findings of a recent Forrester Research survey in which 128 IT decision makers were asked about their changing staffing needs. -According to Forrester, this shift can be traced to a number of emerging trends: -Maturing technologies such as... Read More >

Web 2.0: Leading the Brave New World

10 steps for leading Web 2.0 initiatives and getting buy-in from your workers. Read More >

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