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Cloud Computing: Analyzing Business Expectations

Business people are riding high on the promise--and hype--cloud computing offers. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Technologies for Driving Revenue in 2010

Becoming a revenue generator-instead of a cost center-is the dream of every IT shop. CIO Insight Research asked almost 170 IT executives which deployed technologies have the best potential for driving revenue generation. Here's what they said. Read More >

Demystifying Cloud Computing

It’s tough to tell the difference between true cloud computing and the smoke created by hype and buzz. Here’s how to clear the air. Read More >

Cloud Computing, Mobility Gain Focus for 2010

Cloud computing and new mobility technologies gain focus as IT executives look beyond cost-cutting to new productivity and growth opportunities. Read More >

4 Tips for Evaluating New Technologies

CIOs and industry experts offer pointers for effective evaluation of new and emerging IT tools. Read More >

Buzz vs. Business Benefits

Hype can be a powerful influence, so it needs to be countered with objectivity—and skepticism. Read More >

WashPost CIO: Pricing the Cloud

Yuvi Kochar has some mixed feelings about cloud computing, but he sees more potential than many other CIOs. Read More >

Flextronics CIO Analyzes Cloud Computing`s Forecast

David Smoley has seen some successes with Software as a Service (SaaS), but he’s not ready to jump all the way into cloud computing. Read More >

Guardian Life CIO: Caution in the Cloud

Frank Wander has seen enough to know that any move into cloud computing must be slow and measured. Read More >

Cloud Computing`s Sky-High Hype

The buzz around cloud computing is alive and well. But CIOs need to proceed carefully—and make sure they have the right understanding of what the ‘cloud’ actually is. Read More >

Big Software: Finally Dead

It may be an old question, but new technologies are giving it new and increased relevance. Will CIOs finally pull the plug? Read More >

Careers Slideshow: Where the IT Jobs Are Now

by Thomas Hoffman While the U.S. economy continues to struggle, there are pockets of strength in the IT labor market. To find the hot spots, both by specialization and by industry, we spoke with the following experts: David Van De Voort, IT workforce specialist, Mercer, Chicago, IL; Dave Willmer, executive director, Robert Half Technology, Menlo Park, CA; Terry Erdle, senior vice president,... Read More >

Integration as a Service at Office Depot

Software services help Office Depot help customers it couldn't always satisfy previously. Read More >

Business Intelligence Slideshow: Business Intelligence for All

Business Intelligence (BI) projects are often the domain of large enterprises, but small to medium businesses can also benefit from BI if they move carefully. Aberdeen Group recently released a report that detailed a number of recommendations for SMBs to better leverage intelligence based on the BI maturity of the organization—Low, Medium, or High.

By Ericka Chickowski Read More >

CIO Tony Young: Beating the Expectations Game

IT leaders need to deal with mounting expectations from the business. Smart CIOs will sharpen their focus to move the business forward, says Informatica CIO Tony Young. Read More >

Project Management Lifts Frontier

SaaS effort lifts airline in turbulent times. Read More >

The Legal Risks of SaaS

Weigh the legal pros and cons of SaaS before rushing into a project that might not benefit your organization. Read More >

Virtualization Delivers on Health Records Project

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center combines a big virtualization project with a critical electronic records rollout. Read More >

Feds Head Into the Cloud

The Feds make a strong statement about the future of cloud computing. Read More >

Netsuite Going After Oracle, SAP?

Netsuite, backed by Larry Ellison, is reportedly trying to move into bigger companies, targeting SAP and Ellison's Oracle. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Comparison Shopping for Software

How well do Open Source and Software-as-a-Service options stack up to traditional, proprietary products? J. Schwan, managing partner with Solstice Consulting in Chicago, compared several factors and ranked the three categories in relation to each other. Schwan says, "To be successful in this economic environment, we should find creative ways to stop paying license and support fees for... Read More >

Seeing Through the Cloud

A Q&A with Howard Rubin Read More >

Send in The Cloud

As cloud computing sheds its novelty status, CIOs develop a taste for the emerging technology. Read More >

What Political Polling Tells Us About Business Intelligence

Nate Silver, the numbers whiz whose statistical model allowed him to call the presidential primaries and the general election, explains the implications for business intelligence and IT management. Read More >

Books Slideshow: 10 Insightful Web 2.0 Books

Web 2.0 is changing the way business and society function. Read up on how these tools can help your company. Read More >

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