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Let's Not Whitewash Tech History

Posted : 07-10-2017

We need to look beyond books, movies and other media to obtain a more accurate view of technology's past, including all the individuals who made contributions. Read More »

CIOs Must Put AI on the Fast Track

Posted : 06-15-2017

CIOs must begin to formulate a more focused AI strategy and look for ways to use the technology to disrupt both their business practices and their industry. Read More »

H1-B Visas Shouldn't Become a Political Weapon

Posted : 06-09-2017

Draconian measures to block immigrants on H1-B visas are counterproductive. The benefits of immigration outweigh the costs. It already has made American great. Read More »

The Time for Machine Learning Is Now!

Posted : 06-05-2017

Machine learning is about to become a lot more important. It's about to redefine how everything—from marketing and sales to HR to operations—takes place. Read More »

DDoS Attacks Are a Growth Industry

Posted : 05-11-2017

There's no simple way to address cyber-security threats, which include DDoS attacks, multi-vector attacks, the vulnerability of DNS and DNSSEC, and IoT botnets. Read More »


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