Ten Ways to Bring Out Your Samurai Leadership Skills 02

Is it possible to take on ruthless competitors, formidable market change, cut-throat office politics, and still maintain integrity? Yes, it certainly is, according to the book, "Samurai Business: The Way of the Warrior for Professionals in the Digital Century. (Meghan-Kiffer Press/available now). Author Joris Merks posits that in our digital age of great transparency, honesty and compassion are admirable qualities in CIOs and others in leadership roles. Merks contends that ancient Asian traditional teachings of self-discipline can elevate performance far beyond short-term accomplishments. The book guides CIOs and other managers who want to make a difference within their organizations and serve as respected role models for their tech teams. Merks is a research manager for Google and a European Champion and Open German Champion in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He also holds a black belt in Judo and Aikido.


2. Be Proactive
That includes looking for better ways to do things, even when everything's going well.

This article was originally published on 10-16-2012
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