Rude Awakening

Are you constantly tweeting and texting and and posting status updates on Facebook? Does your online life seem more real to you than your real one? If your friends and family have stopped trying to spend time with you because you're so deeply involved with your social media that you can't get through dinner without checking Twitter, you might be a technology addict. The recent book, "#Hooked: the Pitfalls of Media, Technology, and Social Networking" (Siloam/available now), takes a serious look at the potential toll the digital universe is taking on our lives. Author Gregory L. Jantz is no luddite, but he does caution against becoming a slave to your smartphone. Technology does offer positive things, he says, but it's important to unplug and have real-lifebinteraction. How can you tell if you're a tech addict? If you see yourself reflected in the following ten traits, it may be time to take a tech break. Jantz is a mental-health practitioner and founder of the Center for Counseling and Health Resources Inc. in Seattle.

This article was originally published on 06-26-2012
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