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Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 09-30-2010 Print

Are you having difficulty dodging the political (and personal) "landmines" that exist in every corporate culture? Do you need to brush up on your negotiating skills so you can ensure C-level sign-off on the tech initiatives that you know will benefit your organization? Are you a CIO who must manage a scattered mobile IT team? If so, our baker's dozen fall 2010 reading list can help. A number of books from highly respected authors address these and other essential career topics, and they're hitting the shelves in fall 2010. Some are already for sale, others are due out later in the year. (We've provided the publication dates for you.) There's an array of topic points -- from virtual-technology tools to cloud computing to software development to the absurdities of "management-speak" -- that can meet all your leadership, strategy and tech needs.


by Alex Heiphetz and Gary Woodill McGraw Hill/Available nowVirtual worlds aren't simply about fun and games anymore. Here's how you use these tools to pull together global teams and improve ROI on your IT projects.


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