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How much do you know about some of the greatest innovative thinkers of the ages? Take our quiz and try to identify seven of them, taken from "The Little Black Book of Innovation: How it Works, How to Do It" (Harvard Business Review Press/available now) Author Scott D. Anthony contends that all too often the potential for innovation is stifled by corporate culture and outright panic. "Large companies are capable of - and often do - amazing things," he writes. "But these firms just scratch the surface. The talent of their people, the technologies in their labs ... (are) held back by a mix of fear and misunderstanding. Too many would-be beautiful businesses that could reinvent markets and create substantial value live only in PowerPoint documents, never to be launched." To counter this, Anthony outlines his 28-day program for mastering the skill of innovation and deploying it to benefit your organization. For more about The Little Black Book, click here.

This article was originally published on 01-18-2012
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