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Summer Reading for I.T. Managers

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 06-22-2007 Print
15 books to help boost your leadership, decision making and professional growth.

It's that time of year again.

Whether you're hitting the beach or plugging away in your data center this summer, there's no shortage of new books to keep you busy. Baseline scanned the literary landscape and came up with a list of available or soon-to-be-released works that can help you be a better I.T. manager.

The list runs the gamut of hot topics in I.T. management--from programming to project management, peppered with some select picks on career development and how technology impacts society.

To compile our picks, we reached out to prominent book publishers to find out what's on the way, and researched new and upcoming releases on sites like Amazon and Barnes -- Noble. We broke the list into five categories--leadership/management, strategy/decision making, professional growth, practical expertise and ideas/musings--to help you find what you're most interested in.

Most of the books run between $20 and $30, with a few topping $35, but popular bookselling Web sites are offering some noteworthy discounts.

View the slideshow for details.


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