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Five Tech Skills To Win CEO Mindshare

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-06-2010 Print

Make Technology Important to the CEO

CIOs are fully aware that the corporate environment is becoming more technologically focused than ever before. But it's incumbent upon you to prove it to your CEO. The company that has the best technology and the most innovation will win out in any market. If you can make that clear to your CEO and show why they need to care more about technology, you'll go a long way in helping your cause.

Mobile Productivity Is Key

The beauty of today's technologically advanced marketplace is the ability to make employees productive no matter where they are. Years ago, employees could only do their work in the office. But thanks to notebooks, smartphones, and cloud applications, they can now work from wherever they are. By expanding an employee's ability to work, you're potentially increasing your profitability. What CEO doesn't like that?

Cloud Reigns Supreme

Making your employees productive while they're away from the office is a great way to make your CEO happy, but that's extremely difficult without the help of cloud applications. Realizing that, it's best if you focus much of your time on bringing cloud apps to the operation. Not only do they represent the future of enterprise productivity, they typically deliver a long-term positive return on the initial investment of deployment. Your CEO will be happy to hear that.

Harness the Power of Automation

You might currently have employees performing tasks that can be accomplished by Web-based systems which automate the process. If so, it's time to bring automation into the workplace and free employees up to work on higher-level profit-making tasks. The goal of any well-run organization is to maximize profit potential on almost every employee at the firm. Automation can help achieve that by taking costly tasks from employees that could be better utilized elsewhere.

Improve Collaborative Efforts


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