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Five Business Skills To Win CEO Mindshare

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-06-2010 Print

Combine Business Savvy With IT Know-How

According to the Digital IQ study from the Diamond Management and Technology Consultants, successful companies have "strong alignment among the business and IT leadership." In other words, CIOs need to focus on the cross-section of technology and business. If a particular service costs the company too much, or if a strategy is not playing into the company's financial favor, it is time to ditch it.

Focus On Generational Differences

Most CIOs are finding that young employees have a strong desire to incorporate technology into their jobs, and these workers have no problem working with it to make their tasks a bit easier to accomplish. As a CIO, it's your job to put those solutions in the hands of those younger employees. After all, if they're more productive because of it, your operation will be more productive, as well.

Add Value, Don't Become A Commodity

As the Diamond IQ study finds, CEOs expect the CIO to add value by shaping "the organization's demands and plans." If you don't do that, you run the risk of becoming a cost center that can be easily outsourced to other areas around the world where quality and cheap labor are available.

Control Costs

It might sound obvious, but CEOs are deeply concerned with minimizing costs and maximizing profits. Realizing that, try to keep costs down. There might be several legacy products you have now that are barely used. You might also have costly equipment that, over time, would cost more than replacing it. Evaluate your costs and figure out where you can save some cash. Your CEO will be happy you did.

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