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By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-15-2012 Print
In the IT world, job data is a solid indicator of how companies are spending money, using resources, and perhaps most importantly, thinking about their plans for the future. Large expansions in the IT workforce typically indicate good things for CIOs and other professionals, while bad news, like job cuts, tells us trouble is ahead. In the latest data from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, it appears good times could be back again. In fact, as Foote Partners discovered in analyzing the information, the U.S. IT labor force expanded more in July than it had in more than three years. For CIOs that have hired new people, that might not come as much of a surprise. But for CIOs looking to bring on more IT professionals, it should be considered with caution: competitors are looking to hire qualified candidates. So, it's better to make that move now than to wait. Here CIO Insight takes a look at the IT sector's job performance in July, and other key data extracted from the BLS report by Foote Partners.


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