Careers Slideshow: CIOs on Twitter: What R U Waiting For?

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-18-2010
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Unfettered Access

Unfettered Access

More than half of respondents say their enterprise has no restrictions against Twitter access.

For most CIOs, trying to determine the value of Twitter can be difficult. After all, it's a social network that started, arguably, as a place for consumers to share seemingly useless information with others. But, CIOs who Tweet experience career benefits and help their corporations in the process, according to a study from Diamond Management & Technology Consultants. Diamond's survey of 75 CIOs spanning several vertical industries reveals that 78 percent are Tweeting at least once per week. Nearly three quarters (70 percent) of respondents say the tool has helped them build new working relationships. Still not convinced? Here are some additional facts from the survey about how CIOs rank Twitter against other tools, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. The results also show that most enterprises are allowing employees to have virtually unfettered access to Twitters. Here are 10 fast facts about how your peers view Twitter, and which perception hurdles the site needs to overcome in order to cement its place as a professional networking tool for CIOs.



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