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By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 10-04-2010 Print

They read like a bowl of alphabet soup -- "PMP," "MCSE," "CISSP," "ITIL." How do you know which of these many advanced certifications will best prepare your IT organization to meet today's evolving enterprise information needs? A workforce that's properly trained and certified on the very latest in technology will turn your organization into an IT powerhouse. These certifications can complement the most in-demand university degrees that are shaping tomorrow's IT leaders. No time for school? Here's our fall reading list of books to boost your CIO IQ. With the right skill sets, you and your teams can improve security, develop applications and manage top-priority projects, among many other complex tasks. Recent reports predict that, after a stagnant IT jobs market during the Great Recession, some organizations are ready to hire again. Whether you're looking to hire, or want to provide new educational opportunities for your existing staff, these are the 10 certifications that matter. To compile this list, CIO Insight consulted with two industry experts: Evan Lesser, director of Dice Learning, a tech-training/certification service; and Dan Pollock, managing director of Modis, an IT staffing/solutions company. Here are their picks -- and why these certifications are proving so valuable in the modern IT organization.


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