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Not So Hot

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 05-30-2012 Print
There's often a disconnect in IT between what skills CIOs are looking for in their staff and what prospective employees can actually offer. Technology is changing at a torrid pace, and companies are trying to get ahead of the curve. So, you need to continually modify the IT skills you're seeking in would-be employees and find the needle in the haystack -- that rare employee who actually can do everything you need. Exclusive data provided to CIO Insight by IT jobs site Dice.com reveals that meeting the CIO's desire for core IT skills is like hitting a moving target. The data, based on the number of job postings on Dice.com for specific IT competencies, shows that tech skills that were in vogue just a couple of years ago are no longer high priorities for CIOs. Here, we examine which IT skills CIOs are looking for in prospective employees -- and find out if workers are actually prepared to rise to the challenge.


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