BlackBerrys Are Dying. Accept It.

Today's young workers are extremely tech-savvy, and the technology they'll have access to is a major consideration for many as they join the workforce. Many are used to having 24/7 access to email and the Internet on their smartphones or tablets. And with extensive knowledge of the Internet and its many services, more are using Web-based applications for many of the solutions they use on a daily basis. As an employer, making sure you have the right technology on hand to both appeal to and keep your younger workers happy is an important consideration when plotting out your technology roadmap. Keeping workers helps reduce training costs over time, and it could also help you sell your CEO on some product purchases. You know that cloud solution you're dying to implement? Well, tell the CEO about your young workforce being able to take advantage of it to work extra hours, and it might just happen. Want to bring iPads to the office? Tell the top executive that it might just improve productivity. As your company tries to find an edge in a job market filled with educated Millennials, technology could very well be the differentiating factor that helps you attract and retain a young workforce. Here's why.


BlackBerrys are passé for young workers - and everyone else. At last count, RIM owned just 11 percent of the worldwide mobile market, compared to nearly 53 percent for Android and 15 percent for iOS. To put that into perspective, just three years prior, RIM's market share was at nearly 21 percent. The BlackBerry is dying. Accept it.

This article was originally published on 01-23-2012
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