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By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 11-17-2011 Print
The turbulent economy is taking a toll on worker confidence - and IT professionals are far from immune. Recent surveys from Technisource and Glassdoor reveal that employees are growing increasingly pessimistic about career prospects as the impression that a sustained rebound remains elusive lingers. The latest Technisource IT Employee Confidence Index score has dipped below the 50 mark, for example, and very few tech professionals feel that the economy is getting any better. Meanwhile, Glassdoor reports that U.S. employees are "on edge" with a significant share of workers concluding that the economy will lead to either a stalled out career or even a lost job. "Employee confidence in the job market and compensation levels appears to be at a pause, in much the same way the economy is stuck between growth and contraction right now," says Rusty Rueff, a Glassdoor career and workplace expert. "Employees and job seekers are both expressing deep concern that continued market uncertainty will impact hiring and their careers and ability to find jobs in the near future." More than 2,290 adults took part in the Glassdoor survey, for which results may be accessed here. Nearly 260 IT professionals took part in the Technisource survey, which may be accessed here. Here are highlights from both reports:


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