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Google Apps Pilot Project

By Jennifer Lawinski  |  Posted 02-01-2011 Print

Based in Chicago, Ambius is Rentokil's smallest brand, a $150 million-a-year business that specializes in indoor landscaping for everything from medical offices to cruise ships. It has operations in Europe, Africa and Australia. A four- to five-month pilot was launched with 700 users.

"We began the trial across a whole range of different countries," Kinsella says. "We only turned on the Google mail, the calendar and the chat, and the use of minor video. We did not turn on the use of the Google docs at that point." The company also used Google's standard security system with a few tweaks. The company also wanted to give mobile employees the ability to work and sync from remote locations.

The pilot got favorable reviews.

"We came out of the pilot and then since then we went on a two-pronged approach. One was to continue with Ambius -- they had used the system for five months and we wanted to extend the use of the system for them, and then we would start to roll out through the rest of the group," says Kinsella. "We now have a connected organization, which we never had before."


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