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How the Mighty Fall? Yahoo`s Embarrassing Web Errors

By David F. Carr  |  Posted 10-24-2007 Print
Our correspondent finds himself unable to heed his mother's advice about not saying anything at all if you can't say something nice. Or maybe Yahoo is right and that necktie really does cost $27,000?
Maybe I'm behind the times, but I still think of Yahoo as one of the Web's great success stories. And, until recently, I also thought of it as setting the standard in Web site operations. When I was writing a cover story on MySpace and noticed the large number of errors I came across there, Yahoo was the first Web site I thought of as the scalable and reliable contrast.

But that was before I came across the phantom Afghani restaurant on Yahoo Local and the $27,000 necktie on Yahoo Shopping.

In the past few months of researching an upcoming story on Yahoo, I've tried to find a positive story to tell, honest I have--if only because of the contrarian appeal of finding a different take on the story than the majority of the business press. And I did find some cool things going on, some room for hope.

To read more, see the full story at our sister publication Baseline.


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