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The Early Adopters

By Susan Nunziata  |  Posted 07-16-2010 Print

The data center migrations begun this year will continue through 2013. One early adopter has been the New York City Department of Education (DOE), which Post describes as "a city unto itself in terms of IT infrastructure." DoITT has already moved two applications from external hosting onto CITIServ, which will result in multi-million dollar savings for the DOE in 2011 alone, says Post. Other agencies on the early adopter list include Buildings; Housing Preservation and Development; Sanitation; and Finance. The organization has created the DoITT Service Catalog accessible by all city agencies. This spells out to agencies which services are offered, how these are defined, what benefits they can bring the agency, and what DoITT offers in terms of ongoing support for the various services. A BMC Remedy helpdesk tracking system is being rolled out so that agencies can track the progress of their activities.

The Remedy tracking system is part of an overall goal of transparency and accountability, not just within the city's government but also for the public.


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