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By Jennifer Lawinski  |  Posted 04-06-2011 Print

The cloud is in and mainframes are out, according to a new study, "The State of the Data Center," from data center association AFCOM. The association surveyed 358 data center managers from around the world to find out how data centers are adapting to the ever-evolving IT environment. Their top three concerns? Physical space, energy efficiency and security. "In an environment where change is an accepted part of day-to-day life, it is important to recognize how data center managers are adapting to the new technologies and directions emerging in the industry," said Jill Eckhaus, CEO, AFCOM. "One of the most interesting changes our survey illustrates is the continued transition to the cloud. When we last did this survey in October 2009, very few data centers were even interested in the cloud, let alone actually adapting it. However, thanks to information such as the Data Center Institute's ‘Guide to the Cloud' report, now we see that data center managers are more familiar with the risks and concepts, and cloud computing is quickly becoming a new standard of operation." Here, we take a look at the survey's key findings.


14.9% of data centers were using the cloud in 2009.


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