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Cordys Process Factory

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 11-30-2010 Print

The Google Apps Marketplace is an absolutely necessary resource for any enterprise customers that use products or services in Google's Apps suite. The marketplace boasts programs that are designed to enhance the usability of Google Apps, and features the kind of enterprise functionality that the vast majority of firms will be happy to see. Admittedly, Google Apps Marketplace is mostly useful to those business users that are Google customers. But, in many cases, the apps available in the marketplace have been adapted from services that are available to any other users on the Web. The result is a place where Google customers can go to dramatically expand the overall usability of their Google Business Apps installation. And it generally makes for a more viable experience for customers. So, if your company is using Google Business Apps, or if you're thinking about deploying them, be sure to click through this slideshow. In the HTML field above each slide you'll find direct links to all of the apps profiled. We highlight apps available in the Google marketplace that will appeal to companies looking for more productivity, control, or simple ease-of-use. Take a look.


Price: $95 per user per yearThis app aims to give business users the tools you need to design workflows, "build situational and mashup applications," and more. The idea is to automate regular IT processes to relieve burdens on your teams.


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