Enterprise Technology Slideshow: 10 Products CIOs Should Be Looking Forward to In 2011

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 01-04-2011
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10 Products CIOs Should Be Looking Forward to In 2011

10 Products CIOs Should Be Looking Forward to In 2011

1. RIM BlackBerry PlayBookRIM's BlackBerry Playbook is scheduled to hit store shelves toward the beginning of 2011. And when it does, the 7-inch-display-equipped device will be attempting to captivate enterprise customers with a new OS and BlackBerry Enterprise Server support. Whether will be successful depends on whether you and your colleagues see value in it.
CIOs today are busier than ever before, and the chances of the job slowing down any time soon are slim. With an increasing need to focus on security - from both inside and out - and dealing with issues that arise from your current IT deployments, little time is left to think about which products and technologies are coming to market that may benefit your enterprise. That's why we've decided to help you out. As a follow-up to our recent slideshow discussing the Tech Toys That Mattered in 2010, we want to now take a look at the software and hardware products that will undoubtedly become factors in your decision-making in 2011. Mobility became more popular as end-user demanded more ways to work while on the go. And mobility will reign supreme in 2011. Many of the products featured here are mobile devices. These are 10 products that should catch your attention - and that you may want to seriously consider integrating into your ecosystem - in 2011.


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