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Mobile Platforms for Payroll

By Peter High  |  Posted 02-15-2011 Print

Admittedly, there was a dearth of market data on mobile platforms in the payroll space. Most of the solutions that had been developed to date were small offerings by small competitors. Once the decision was made to invest in a mobile payroll platform, there were two options to potentially pursue: a "me-too" solution that mimicked competitors, or a quantum leap forward. Working closely with the product group, the team elected to go for the latter, developing a full-featured mobile application to run payroll.

The results to date have been outstanding. In the first 90 days, customers downloaded the new platform for their mobile devices 13,000 times, according to Capone. Now, the mobile payroll platform is something that all new small business customers have the option of selecting when they enroll, and 60% of them have chosen to do so to date.

What's more, by focusing a portion of the organization on innovation even during the economic downturn, ADP is well suited to continue those efforts to an even greater extent as we're poised for economic recovery.

Peter High is president of Metis Strategy, a boutique IT-strategy consultancy based in Washington, DC.  A contributor to CIO Insight, Peter is also the author of World Class IT: Why Businesses Succeed When IT Triumphs, and the moderator of the podcast, The Forum on World Class IT. He can be reached at peter.high@metisstrategy.com.


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