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Off-The-Rack Vs. Bespoke

By David M. Smith, Valentin T. Sribar  |  Posted 07-20-2010 Print

Gartner defines cloud engineering as the process of designing the systems necessary to leverage the power and economics of cloud resources to solve business problems. You can bring this skill set in-house, but there may be other options that prove more cost-effective for your organization.

Cloud engineering will be one of the primary activities of cloud service brokerages. The bottom line is that service providers deliver off-the-shelf services, but they often do not take into account the specific needs of your business. Nor do they recognize that their services might need to be in a composed solution with other services you are using. To do cloudsourcing properly, someone must enhance, integrate or tailor these services to specific business needs. In most cases, this does not mean changing what the service does. Rather, it means enhancing or aggregating services, as well as providing meaningful SLAs.

The basic idea of cloud computing is for companies to source services from other providers. If you have to create a completely new technology base and skill set to integrate or enhance those services (or engineer them), then your organization will spend more money than ever. Nonetheless, some enterprises will do their own cloud engineering. This likely will be more the exception than the rule. If your company chooses this route, you must take care to ensure that you are solving your business challenges, not compounding these. You also need to ensure that there is a compelling business reason to bring cloud engineering functionality in-house. The potential benefit should outweigh your costs and risks.


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