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The Key to IT-Driven Competitive Advantage

By Shvetank Shah  |  Posted 03-16-2011 Print

Information management will be the centerpiece for many IT-related demands. Business leaders require improved analytics to navigate macroeconomic uncertainty and target customer microsegments. We are seeing evolving demand for business analytics in new-project portfolios, particularly information-centric initiatives such as business intelligence and collaboration. As process automation opportunities diminish and user expectations grow, information management becomes the key to competitive advantage from IT.

Unfortunately, IT gets low marks for its ability to support information management. In 2011, we anticipate IT leaders will drive forward information management initiatives and also seek to train or recruit people with skills in advanced analytics and management of unstructured information.

Users want advanced analytics and need seamless access to all manner of data: structured, unstructured, internal and external.

However, IT is still tackling basic questions of architecture and governance. We expect enterprise architects will explore new methods to make information accessible. These approaches might include advanced search, data sampling and hot-spot maps to find out which information-intensive tasks are most frustrating, and why.


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