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End-to-End Services: From Infrastructure to CIO Initiative

By Shvetank Shah  |  Posted 03-16-2011 Print

Traditionally, building infrastructure has been the CIO's starting point in developing an IT framework that drives business value. We anticipate that in the next 12 months, development of end-to-end business services will move from being an infrastructure challenge to becoming a strategic challenge for the CIO.

Many organizations seek to create a set of end-to-end business services for which IT is a component. Such services are easy for business partners to understand and therefore stand to enhance decision-making on how and where to improve services to achieve business outcomes. Deep CIO involvement is needed to build links to architecture, finance and security, and to overcome silos and skeptical stakeholders.

This evolution of the end-to-end business services model will have a significant impact on the structure of IT itself. CIOs will need to change the portfolio and leadership of IT's subfunctions, rethink skills and charging models, and clarify the benefits to business partners. The results will reshape IT and position the CIO to lead the organization toward multifunctional shared services.

The future requires an environment in which IT executives, senior corporate leaders and business stakeholders collaborate to streamline processes and increase productivity. Companies that fail to acknowledge these shifts may find themselves playing catch-up as their progressive counterparts employ this collaborative approach to moving the business agenda forward.

Shvetank Shah is executive director, information technology practice, with The Corporate Executive Board.


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