IT Outlook for 2011

Passerini is optimistic about 2011. He believes that P&G has found the sweet spot between value and cost-cutting that is required in this uncertain economic environment. And his advice for other CIOs is to do the same. "The future is completely in our hands," Passerini says. "If we become a commodity, we're about cost. If we drive distinct value, life will be very pleasant and interesting."

This doesn't necessarily mean that Procter and Gamble (or any other firm for that matter), will be adding IT staff to its roles next year. The future may be bright for IT but, as Passerini indicates, companies need to be agile when it comes to staffing. And he plans to "adjust and anticipate" as well as he can to determine what his staffing needs will be. For now, he's taking a "wait and see" approach to IT hiring next year.

Still, the quality of an enterprise's information and data management, and the accompanying technology choices to leverage these, will only play a greater role in the success or failure of a firm as our economy lurches toward recovery. "I always worry," Passerini says, but at the same time his outlook on the future "is very, very bright."

This article was originally published on 09-04-2010
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