IT Management Slideshow: 10 Tech Abuses CIOs Love to Hate

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-22-2011
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10 Tech Abuses CIOs Love to Hate

10 Tech Abuses CIOs Love to Hate

The Cheap CEOYou've carefully crafted a technology purchase proposal and pitched it to your CEO, only to be told that it's not the best. Wait a minute: You know what your employees need to get their work done as efficiently as possible, and the last thing you want to be told is a proposed investment costs too much money when, in fact, you know it would improve productivity.
As a general rule, to thrive as a CIO you have to maintain a degree of patience that goes far beyond that of the average executive. In the course of your daily travels around the office, you'll see employees -- and workers on your own IT team -- engaging in cringe-inducing activities with technology and software. Your job requires you to make judgment calls. If you walk past a colleague who's on a Website that clearly has nothing to do with work, or see someone busily chatting on Facebook and Twitter, chances are you'll just keep on going unless the behavior is truly egregious. But, all of us have our breaking point. Herewith, then, is our list of the top 10 workplace behaviors perpetrated by your colleagues -- from the C-suite to the admin pool -- that are guaranteed to drive even the most tolerant CIO around the bend.


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