10. Trust Employees to Follow Rules

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 11-21-2011 Print

It's not easy balancing all of the responsibilities you have as CIO. Whether it's managing your staff, determining which technology solutions will best benefit your business, or trying to work with a CEO who isn't technology-minded and can't see how your contributions to the company are vital, you've got a lot on your plate. And as technology and business goals become more intricately intertwined in the enterprise, your responsibilities are sure to become more plentiful and more complicated than ever. With all the added pressure, it's important that you stay focused and avoid making mistakes that could be costly. Technology has become so integral to the daily tasks of employees, not following up with the right solution to an issue or failing to see the bigger tech picture can have a profoundly negative impact on your company. If and when that happens, holding the reins of the IT organization, all the blame will fall on your shoulders. So, for moments when you might need some guidance, we've created this cheat sheet to help keep the big picture in focus. In the following slides we take a look at some technology mistakes that you'd do best to avoid if you'd like to be considered a consummate CIO.


Employees just can't be trusted. They may access inappropriate sites or accidentally take confidential data off the network. They could log-in to your network from an unsecured location. Be sure you know what they're doing. Don't assume they're following the rules.

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