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What happens when business tech and consumer tech collide? We're going to find out in the year ahead. We've long talked about the "consumerization" of IT in the enterprise, but in 2011 we're going to experience a perfect storm of technology advances and worker demand that will make this concept our reality. Enterprises that only a year ago were slamming the door shut on any discussion of personal mobile devices being allowed into the workplace are changing their views as they consider the productivity benefits these solutions can unleash. Enterprises that have previously taken a dim view of social networking are starting to consider how social media can enhance collaboration and team building across the operation. Enterprises that have been dismissing cloud computing as the latest vendor hype will put to good use the business agility that such options can enable. With these drivers in mind, we've created this list of 10 technology projects to embark on in 2011. These projects won't cost you much money, and they might just help you change your company into a long-distance frontrunner.

This article was originally published on 12-16-2010
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