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10 Things CIOs Need to Know About Windows 8

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-29-2011 Print
In the world of computing, Windows is the most important operating system out there. Companies all around the world rely on Microsoft's platform to get work done, manage their businesses, and more. So, when Microsoft showcases a new version of Windows, you can bet that CIOs around the globe turn their attention to the software giant to see what it has planned for the future of its operating system. This time around, that means focusing on Windows 8. Microsoft revealed a developer preview of Windows Server 8 at its BUILD conference in Los Angeles on Sept. 15 The operating system, which is scheduled to launch in 2012, will deliver some of the company's most radical changes in user interface in a long time. What's more, the operating system will be the first option from Microsoft that focuses heavily on tablets. So, while Windows 8 will be suitable for desktops and laptops, it will also be making its way to a growing number of slates starting next year. Here are 10 things you need to know as you consider how to plan for Windows 8 in the enterprise.


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