“Play favorites.”

You know that doing more with less has become par for the course as you rn your IT organization. And with increasing pressure from your C-Suite colleagues to help drive the business forward, you sometimes feel like your hands are tied. The book "Lean but Agile: Rethink Workforce Planning and Gain a True Competitive Edge" (Amacom/available now), can show you how -- with some careful planning and execution -- it is possible to create a lean, agile workforce that can meet your goals. According to authors William J. Rothwell, James Graber and Neil McCormick, maximizing personnel efficiencies doesn't require you to get tough and single out employees. That leads to burnout and demoralized teams. Instead, CIOs and IT managers need to figure out what work needs to get done and hire employees with the skillsets that can get the job done. Rothwell is a professor of workplace learning and performance at Penn State. Graber is an organizational psychologist and managing director of Business Decisions Inc., a talent management and performance software company. McCormick is senior vice president for Talent2, an HR advisory and recruitment business. For more about the book, click here. Here are 10 highlights.


If you're constantly hiring skilled, agile employees from certain sources, continue to use them to recruit.

This article was originally published on 01-27-2012
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