11 Best Business Books for CIOs in 2011

Are you looking to unravel the mysteries of power within your organization? Do you need insight into how to foster innovation within your department? What do you know about the concept of "brainsteering" as a means to address project tasks and overcome bottlenecks? All of these leadership topics and more are addressed in the 11 best business books for CIOs to add to your reading list in winter and spring 2011. The authors behind these titles include a psychiatrist, a multimedia entertainment titan and current or former executives from Accenture, Deloitte, McKinsey and Verizon Communications, and other top organizations. More information about each book can often be found at referenced publishers' Web sites and/or the authors' personal pages. You'll also find these available for sale on bookseller sites such as Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com, among others. Specific dates of publication were not available for all books; in these cases the month of publication has been provided. Publication dates are subject to change. These 11 business books are sure to boost your leadership IQ:

This article was originally published on 12-16-2010
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