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When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs made the surprising decision in August 2011 to step down as CEO of and become chairman of the board, many CIOs couldn't help but wonder what the future would look like for the Cupertino, Calif.-based firm. (Editor's Update: Jobs passed away Oct. 5, 2011, at age 56.) Will Apple stay the same or will it drastically change under the leadership of new CEO Tim Cook? As one might expect, in the time that Cook has been leading Apple, not much has changed. What's more, Cook himself has said that he has no plans to change how the company operates since, he believes, that it's doing what it must to be competitive (and dominant) in the marketplace. Over the years, CIOs have had a love-hate relationship with Apple and Jobs. And the same might be said for Apple and Jobs towards CIOs. But with a new CEO comes a new opportunity to rekindle that relationship, and see, once and for all, if Apple really can be a friendly to enterprise customers while maintaining its consumer pizzazz. Here are the 9 questions we're betting you'd like to ask Apple CEO Tim Cook right now.

This article was originally published on 09-27-2011
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