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Acceptable Use Policies: The End-User View

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 11-15-2010 Print
Ever wonder why it seems your employees aren't following your acceptable use policies when it comes to personal computers, smartphones and other personal devices in the workplace? It's quite possible they don't even know such policies exist, according to Cisco's Connected World Report. Earlier this week, we examined the report for perspective on how IT decision-makers worldwide view employee adherence to the acceptable-use policies for tools such as social media, mobile devices, and video. We also examined how IT decision-makers view their relationship with employees; a fifth of respondents described that relationship as "strained and dysfunctional." Here, we take a look at the other side of the coin: We examine Cisco's findings on how employees view and respond to IT use policies - and their overall relationship with IT. The results reveal how your employees really feel about video, social media, and security The report is based on online surveys of 1,303 U.S.-based enterprise end users and 1,309 U.S.-based enterprise IT decision makers, plus additional responses from these two groups in 12 other countries, including Brazil, France, U.K., Russia, China and Japan. Here are the highlights.


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