IT Management Slideshow: Apple's iCloud: 10 Things Every CIO Should Know

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 06-08-2011
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Apple's iCloud: 10 Things Every CIO Should Know

Apple's iCloud: 10 Things Every CIO Should Know

1. iCloud is FreeDuring the keynote address at WWDC, Apple went on out of its way to make it clear that iCloud will be available free of charge. By offering a free service, Apple has made iCloud a potential contender to go up against other paid public cloud service offerings.
At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 6, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who is currently on a medical leave of absence from his company, announced a new cloud service, called iCloud. The offering, which is available to users of Apple iOS-based devices, as well as Mac and PC owners, allows folks to store content and push it wirelessly to any Apple products connected to it. Even better, the service is available for free, making it a potentially attractive offer for consumers. As CIO, your primary concern is to ensure that the services you bring to your operation make sense from a productivity and profitability standpoint. You'll also want to consider how workers using the service might impact your network. We've dug deep into iCloud and extracted the key features that you'll need to think about before you determine whether iCloud is good or bad for your operation.


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