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Being a CIO just isn't what it used to be. It seems that new technologies are appearing almost daily, most brands are stepping up their pursuit of an increasingly fickle customer base, and the pace of business is constantly quickening. The old ways of doing things just don't cut it any more. With that in mind, Deloitte Consulting recently surveyed nearly 1,000 IT executives about how they view the role of the CIO in their organizations. The upshot: Most view their CIOs as hopelessly-behind-the-times technology stewards, rather than revolutionaries who are leading their businesses into the brave new world. But Suketu Gandhi, a Deloitte principal who was involved in compiling the survey data, says that the onslaught of new technologies--from mobility and social media to analytics and cloud computing--will give CIOs the opportunity to act as agents of change in their organizations. "These combined technologies give the CIO the opportunity to be an active strategist and decision maker within their respective organizations, and can allow them to be a revolutionary force. The CIO will increasingly have the ability to actually change how business is conducted." Here, we highlight findings of the survey along with the factors Deloitte believes are pushing CIOs into a more revolutionary role.

This article was originally published on 09-20-2011
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