CFO and CIO: A Love-Hate Relationship

Now that you've mastered how to speak CFO , a new study from accounting firm KPMG might help shed some light on your tumultuous relationship with your chief financial officer. According to the study "A New Role for New Times," which includes survey responses from 444 CFOs around the world, financial executives really do see value in technology. And they're firm believers that the future will rely heavily upon technology. At the same time, they're frustrated with "outdated" solutions that don't live up to their expectations. Kind of ironic, considering they're the same folks who are probably telling you to curtail your spending. It seems most C-level executives really do want the latest and greatest technologies to improve their organization's chances of competing more effectively with the competition. But what these non-tech execs don't realize -- and you do -- is that actually bringing those technologies to the workforce isn't always easy when budgets are tight and strategic considerations are taken into account. Read on to learn more about how financial executives really view you, and your job. You'll find ways to use this information to your advantage as you work alongside the CFO to improve your business.

This article was originally published on 04-14-2011
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