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By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 11-11-2010 Print

A report on executive leadership from public relations firm MWW Group reveals that conveying a great sense of vision - as well as the knack to anticipate business developments and respond to them in nimble fashion - will be the most critical qualities for executives to cultivate through 2025. Leadership traits that served executives well in the past, such as a talent for boosterism or an ability to get everyone "on the same page," are now taking a backseat, the report indicates. These conclusions arrive after a decade in which the speed and volume of information has skyrocketed, while a rocky economy and globalization have presented a host of unique challenges, demanding an overhaul in the skills needed to meet them. "Gone are the days where people are seeking a leader who simply embodies great salesmanship and builds consensus among followers," said Michael W. Kempner, president and CEO of MWW Group. "In today's global world-and due to the perfect storm of economic crisis, unprecedented competition and limited access to capital that we've all experienced in recent years - people are longing for leaders who can anticipate, rather than react." More than 130 executives took part in the survey. Here are the highlights:


56 percent of respondents say it's more important to be a "visionary" than a "decisive/action-oriented" leader today.


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