54 percent

As a CIO, your job is about more than ensuring the quality and security of the technology our employees use around the workplace. You also need to play well with your fellow C-level executives, all of whom have their own interests and ideas in mind to help your company improve its revenues. When you think about who you need to interact with most in the C-suite, we're betting your Chief Marketing Officer rarely comes to mind. After all, the CMO at your firm is focused on your company's public image, while your mandate is likely related more to the technology used internally. But, a survey conducted by Pitney Bowes indicates that the boundaries between the CIO and the CMO may start to blur as reliance on marketing tools such as social media and mobile solutions continues to grow. Your expertise in these and other technology growth areas will be needed more than ever by your marketing team. The study was conducted in April 2011 and includes responses from 500 small- and medium-sized business owners. Read on to find out more about the marketing efforts companies are engaging in today. The information will give you the stats (and marketing jargon) you need to pursue productive collaboration with your CMO.


54 percent of respondents say they are using social-media marketing in their mix.

This article was originally published on 08-11-2011
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