42 percent

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-04-2011 Print

In your workplace, you undoubtedly deal with top-level executives who want to get the most out of the technology in your workplace. The only trouble is, in many cases, those executives don't know the limitations that govern your position nor how you have to put together all the many working parts to get your company ready to go with its IT. A survey conducted by Lieberman Software, a vendor of identity management and security management solutions, reveals that, for the most part, senior business executives don't fully understand the true nature of IT's role in the workplace. They also appear to have no clue about how much power IT professionals have when it comes to data access. The 2011 Survey of IT Professionals was conducted by Lieberman Software and received responses from nearly 500 IT professionals who attended the RSA Security 2011 in San Francisco and InfoSec 2011 in London. Here are 11 scary factoids from the research.


42 percent of respondents say they can gain unauthorized access to their companies' private documents.

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