Data Security, Cloud Sprawl Are Top IT Concerns

Three years ago, IT services provider Avanade conducted a global survey to quantify the real and perceived business value, as well as the potential pitfalls, of cloud computing as an emerging technology. The company recently commissioned research firm Kelton Research to revisit the topic with a new online survey to determine where cloud computing is in the adoption cycle. Kelton surveyed 573 business and technology executives in 18 countries in March and April 2011 to learn how technology-and particularly cloud computing-is being used in the enterprise. Among the key findings: Cloud computing is maturing as a technology, although there are still widespread concerns about security. The proliferation of cloud services is also creating new pain points for IT executives, including unmanaged "cloud sprawl." More generally, the survey indicates that technology investment is on an upswing, and companies are facing greater pressure than ever to innovate and grow, rather than save money. As a result, the rate of new technology adoption is also increasing.

This article was originally published on 06-10-2011
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