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Google's Growth Spurt: Seven Reasons for CIOs to Worry

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-15-2011 Print
If you're following the tech news trends, then you already know that Google is growing rapidly. Once known primarily for its search engine, Google has exploded, providing a host of services and solutions that include operating systems, advertising systems, and -- with the acquisition of Zagat-- original reviews content. For CIOs, Google's growth over the years hasn't been all that worrisome. The search giant has generally catered to consumers, and for the most part, leaving the enterprise largely unaffected. However, in the last couple of years, that has changed. And now, Google is having an impact on your business in a wide variety of ways: Your users may be demanding Google Apps for Business -- the company's cloud-based business applications -- or opting to download its Chrome Internet browser. They're probably clamoring for smartphones based on its Android mobile operating system. In fact, when it comes to the unstoppable force of consumerization in IT, Google is giving CIOs plenty to worry about on a daily basis. Here are seven factors to consider.


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