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While most IT executive salaries remain flat , some CIOs, CTOs, and IT mavens are cashing in to the tune of several million dollars a year in total compensation. As part of its ongoing look at IT salaries, IT management consulting firm Janco Associates has tracked the highest-paid IT executives, based on publicly available SEC filings. In the past, these filings have uncovered compensation levels that most IT geeks can only dream of. For example, Randy Mott, the former CIO of Hewlett-Packard, made more than $28 million in total compensation in 2008. Economic times have gotten a lot tougher since then, but some IT chiefs still managed to rake in north of $1 million in compensation in 2010. Topping the charts (which are based on publicly available data) is GM Vice Chairman and CTO Tom Stephens, at $5.63 million. Twenty-two other CIOs/CTOs topped the $1 million mark in 2010, according to Janco's research. Note that since this report, some of these IT executives have moved on to greener pastures-or, just more notable positions. For folks like these, the title of CIO certainly doesn't translate to "Career is Over." (All compensation figures have been rounded up to two decimal points.)

This article was originally published on 10-12-2011
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