By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 05-26-2011 Print

Do you know your Django from your Hadoop? If so, then you'll ace this quiz, designed to challenge your grasp of cloud jargon and terminology. If these terms leave you feeling a little "lost in the cloud," fear not. The questions and answers you'll find in this quiz are based on a very CIO-friendly glossary provided in the recent book " Building Applications in the Cloud: Concepts, Patterns and Projects " (Addison-Wesley Professional/available now). In the book, author Christopher Moyer provides insights that can help managers maximize the value of their cloud applications. Here are two freebies to get you started: Django is an open-source Web app framework written in Python; Hadoop is a specific implementation of the Map/Reduce pattern implemented in Java). Challenge yourself to see how many of these other six cloud-related questions you can nail. And remember, we work on the honor system here: No seeking Google help as you attempt to define these terms:


An auto-scaling group, a configuration that automatically scales up or down based upon a pre-specified set of triggers provided, such as CPU utilization. (Got all of that?)

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