Do you know your Django from your Hadoop? If so, then you'll ace this quiz, designed to challenge your grasp of cloud jargon and terminology. If these terms leave you feeling a little "lost in the cloud," fear not. The questions and answers you'll find in this quiz are based on a very CIO-friendly glossary provided in the recent book " Building Applications in the Cloud: Concepts, Patterns and Projects " (Addison-Wesley Professional/available now). In the book, author Christopher Moyer provides insights that can help managers maximize the value of their cloud applications. Here are two freebies to get you started: Django is an open-source Web app framework written in Python; Hadoop is a specific implementation of the Map/Reduce pattern implemented in Java). Challenge yourself to see how many of these other six cloud-related questions you can nail. And remember, we work on the honor system here: No seeking Google help as you attempt to define these terms:


DNS Safe. (And don't think about using underscores either, because they're not supported.)

This article was originally published on 05-26-2011
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