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82 Percent

By Jeff Goldman  |  Posted 12-17-2010 Print

Technisource's latest 2010 IT HIRE Intelligence Survey, conducted by Monster.com, has found that the majority of HR managers and recruiters responsible for recruiting technology staff are planning to hire IT workers in the next six months. "Economic conditions that led to hiring freezes, technology cuts and migration delays across the last 18 months are now starting to reverse and companies are beginning to increase spending to remain competitive or regain a lost competitive advantage," says Technisource president Michael Winwood. "The most important factor in doing this still and will always remain a company's internal staff. While it is difficult to make any definitive forecasts from a single survey, the data in this report seem to suggest that we can anticipate increased technology hiring and perceived strength in corporations - which bodes well for a strong and much anticipated rebound." The Technisource IT HIRE Intelligence survey was conducted online within the United States by Monster Worldwide on Technisource's behalf between September 27, 2010 and October 11, 2010, among a U.S. sample of 435 HR managers or recruiters who indicated they have specific responsibility to recruit for technology positions, either for their company or as an agent on behalf of another company. Of the 435 respondents, 41 percent work at organizations with fewer than 100 employees, 28 percent work at organizations with 101 to 500 employees, and 31 percent work at organizations with more than 501 employees.


82 percent of respondents are "very" or "somewhat" confident that their company's performance will improve in the next six months. That's an increase of six percentage points since the June 2010 report.


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