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By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 08-30-2012 Print
The current hiring forecast for IT talent continues to present a mixed picture, according to the most recent IT jobs projections from Janco Associates, Inc. On the positive side, a significant percentage of CIOs plan to hire rank-and-file IT talent. But prospects are bleak with respect to bringing on senior-level management talent for the long-term future. Yes, it's an "economy thing." Yet, however paradoxical as it may seem -- even with recruitment efforts getting scaled back -- it's still highly challenging to compete with other tech companies for the employees with the right set of skills. So, as an added bonus, Janco also offers the following six best practices for interviewing and hiring. "It may seem counter-intuitive at first given continued high levels of unemployment and a 'jobless' economic recovery," says Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco. "But finding the right talent - with the right mix of skills, behaviors and values to fit in within your organization - is still a challenge." A total of 104 CIOs took part in the forecast research.


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