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By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 09-21-2012 Print

The nice thing about running the tech side of a business is that you can be held accountable for its safety and security. Better yet, you can pick out the products your employees will use, and you'll be able to play a crucial role in the development and ultimate success of your company. And those who don't understand the immense value and power you possess in making the company successful should. However, a recently announced survey from Lieberman Software, a company that delivers privileged identity management and security services to the enterprise, explains that the power IT has might not be as great as it seems. In fact, when left unfettered, the IT side can potentially have a bit too much access to the things that might matter most to the business side. And to simply allow that, Lieberman Software says, might not be for the best. Here CIO Insight takes a look at the impact IT's power is having on the business world, and find out once and for all if it's good - or bad - for your company.


A surprising 39 percent of IT staff say that they can obtain unauthorized access to sensitive internal information, including "the CEO's private documents," Lieberman Software found in its survey of over 450 IT professionals.


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