Like many CIOs, you may find yourself struggling to innovate in advance of an anticipated economic recovery, while still striving to keep costs down in a decidedly uncertain business climate. And, even though you're striving to be seen as a valued, senior member of your management teams, the enterprise perception of how much IT contributes to a competitive edge is decidedly mixed. These and other findings convey a broad sense of the current state of affairs for CIOs worldwide, as reported in a survey from researchers PA Consulting Group and IT recruitment firm Harvey Nash. Results indicate that CIOs are challenged to strike a balance with respect to overseeing operational efficiencies, cutting expenses, providing nuts-and-bolts utility while attempting to innovate. The latter point is a moving target, says PA's David Elton, an IT and change-management specialist. "There is constant change in the business environment and in business appetite for risk," he says. "Outsourcing is increasing, cyber security is a growing concern and cloud is a potential game changer -- albeit with a lot of firms in wait-and-see mode. All of these trends are creating an opportunity for CIOs to innovate and collaborate. But it also means CIOs constantly have to adjust the balance of utility versus innovation balance in their organizations." More than 2,500 CIOs and IT leaders took part in the research. For more information about the survey, click here :


More than 70% of CIO respondents within retail and financial services industries say they are focused more on innovation than on utility.

This article was originally published on 12-07-2011
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